The Most Common Secret Sexual Fantasies

The most common secret sexual fantasy for both men and women involves images of having sex with a passionate, very attractive and exiting partner who is willing to do whatever you want. Your perfect lover could be someone that you know. It might be someone you are in class with, a complete stranger that you bumped into on your way to work or someone standing next to you in an elevator. People have their own ideas or views of who their perfect partner is but one universal characteristic of such a person is that they are irresistible and very satisfying, at least in fantasy.

Another fantasy is having a threesome. This is usually associated with the male imagination and it is one of the most widespread male fantasies. However, women are also catching up as most are now admitting the fact that they would love to be with two handsome men.

Dominance and submission fantasies are quite common among both men and women. Although they are now becoming popular, they are older than the human race. Such fantasies involve sadomasochism, bondage and discipline, fantasy rape, whipping, torture, teasing, body worshiping and other activities that do not involve sexual intercourse. In these fantasies, being bad regardless if you are the nasty dominant or a naughty sub feels really good.

Another fantasy is exhibitionism and voyeurism. This fantasy is not all about visual. You can choose to become an audio voyeur that enjoys hearing someone else talk dirty and you can be an aural exhibitionist that gets off by telling your secrets to the world. For most exhibitionism and voyeurism, it is all about the pleasure of the erotic gaze and the excitement of being watched while breaking through the social taboo of visual privacy.

Some of the wildest erotic fantasies emerge in the form of animal fantasies. However, if you are having animal fantasies, you should not be worried as this does not mean that you want to have sex with animals in real life. You might just revel in the taboo of bestiality. Dogs and horses which are common in men’s bestiality fantasies involves them having sex with the animal or them simply watching other women engage in sexual intercourse with the animal.

As seen above, those are some of the fantasies that people have when it comes to sex. It is perfectly normal. If you are not comfortable telling your partner, this can be your secret although most people are pleasantly surprised when their partners support them.

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