Perverted dreams about London escorts

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell perverted dreams, or unusual sexual fantasies apart, says Amanda from London escorts. Thing thing is, she continues, a lot of our dates seem to want to share their dreams and fantasies with us, and we do really come across some unusual ones. I bet you a lot of escorts who work for London escorts agencies could tell you some weird stories about their dates. For instance, I have a date who would like dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Where has that fantasy come from, it is really strange, laughs Amanda.

Not all sexual fantasies are harmless, says Amanda, and you have to be really careful. On occasion I date the odd gent at London escorts who have a strange fantasy. If, I don’t think that his fantasy is really healthy, I tell him that he may want to talk to somebody about it. They do say that some people who carry fantasies with them for a long time can act them out. This is why I think it is so important to be honest with your dates. I do on occasion tell the front desk girl at London escorts as I may not want to see the date again.

If, that is the case, the girls often ban the date from our London escorts service altogether. The boss says that it is the best thing to do as you can’t rally trust that this person is going to behave correctly around London escorts. The last thing our boss wants is for us to get hurt, or end up on the receiving end of some strange person. There are a lot of odds characters out there, and it is really important to be aware. How you handle the situation is up to you, but you should consider safety at all times.

Many London escorts urge caution when meeting a new date. It is important to be able to talk to your date, and all London escorts should make this a priority. This is the only way they can find out about the new date, and make a judgement call about him. Most of our dates are perfectly fine, and it is very unusual to meet a date who has strange fantasies. In that case, you will find that he may be a very rich person, or a politician. They tend to be the ones that give us problem, giggles


I have met a guy once who wanted to have sex with London escorts in a hot air balloon. I wouldn’t call it very strange, but most London escorts would probably say it is highly unusual. It would certainly not appeal to me, and fortunately my boyfriend is not into heights. As a matter of fact, the London escorts that I have spoken to often say that their dates make them laugh. Food fantasies are very common, and so is sex in unusual places. I am so glad that my dates are pretty normal, finishes Amanda.

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