I am human not a Barbie

Some gents really think that we girls at https://escortsinlondon.sx London escorts are not real people. It can be really hard work when they expect you to look perfect all of the time. When I finish my shift at the escort agency, I am often exhausted and on top of that I do feel like I have been on stage. Most of the girls here at the agency feel the same, and come of their shifts feeling rather tired.

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I have invested a lot of money in my job here at London escorts. Most of the time, you really need to go ahead and invest in looking your best. That is not the cheapest thing to do, and can at times be rather hard work. When I look at how much money I have spent on looking good, it is kind of frightening. But then again, if you don’t invest in yourself, you may get less dates. That would never do.

It is not only about make up. If you want to do well at London escorts, you really need to start from the top up. Most of the girls here at the agency are always lavishing small fortunes on themselves. That includes regular hair appointments and beauty appointments with some of the best beauty practitioners here in London. There is no point in not looking after yourself when you want to be an elite escort in London. However, that does not turn you into a human Barbie.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lingerie. I wish that I would have kept a spreadsheet on all of the money that I spent on myself when working for London escorts. If I had started at day one, I would probably have been pretty surprised how much money I have spent on myself. But like I say to my colleagues here at the escort agency, I have done well and most of the stuff have been really good quality.

If I had not invested in myself, I would not really have done that well at London escorts. I am really aware of that but I am not sure that I am okay with it. Yes, just like all of the other girls at the agency, I have earned really good money. Now I need to get out of my human Barbie mood and figure out what to do with my money. Perhaps it is about time that I found my Ken to see if he could help me to figure it out. But then again, Barbie has managed so far, and it could be that I will be able to figure this one out for myself as well. Just because you have got blue, big boobs and blonde hair, does not mean that you are dippy blonde at all. As far as I am concerned, I am pretty smart and so is many of the girls that I work with at this London escort service. Yes, we do date and look like Barbies but we do well for ourselves at the same time.

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