Basildon escorts on Christmas

Most of the girls here at Basildon escorts are looking forward to Christmas. It is not my favorite time of the year but there are still a lot of things that I really like about Christmas. When I was a little girl I used to go mad about Christmas like all other little girls. I think your attitude towards Christmas changes as you grow older but that does not mean that you do not appreciate Christmas. I certainly still love Christmas.

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Every December I go and buy a new lingerie set to wear around Christmas time. The girls that I work with at Basildon escorts think that it is a little bit silly but I like that sort of thing. It is not the only thing that I buy. I also buy flashing earrings in Christmas style and on top of that I always invest in new antlers as well. It makes me feel like it is really Christmas and I think that the gents that I meet up with at the escort agency like my Christmas style.

Shopping at Christmas is something that I put a serious amount of effort into as well. Lots of people don’t make Christmas lists anymore but I do. First of all though, I go around the shops and check out what they have. I have tried shopping online but it is not the same as Christmas shopping in the stores. You can touch and feel things and that is what I like to do when it comes to Christmas. All of my Christmas presents are special and given from the heart.

My Christmas tree is different from others. Instead of using a pine tree, I always use a rather large rosemary bush. It smells great and looks so cute to hang smaller decorations in. I am not sure where I got the idea from but it does look good. One rosemary bush goes at Basildon escorts and the other goes at home. I love it when I come home to my little flat and can smell the rosemary. It makes me feel like Christmas. I suppose it is one of those spices that I connect with Christmas.

This year is going to be a special Christmas. It is my dad’s 60th birthday on Boxing Day and I have planned a special cake for him. I have actually both designed and am going to bake it myself as well. When I have a day off from Basildon escorts I love to bake cakes, so I am well practised in the art. Lots of my gents at Basildon escorts have had cakes given to them on their birthdays. I am not sure if they all appreciate them but I think that all big boys are fundamentally little boys at heart. Having a cake made for them make them all feel a bit special, and my cakes are very personal if you know what I mean. I have never known a gent who has not appreciated receiving a cake from me.

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